A Winter's Tale

2017 AUDITIONS AUG. 4th & SEPT. 16th

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Winter's Tale 2016

Northwest School of Dance is proud to produce an original winter show each year, titled “Winter’s Tale”. It is written and choreographed by the studio’s directors and faculty. The storyline is a loose culmination of A Christmas Carol and The Nutcracker. It’s an entertaining and endearing show enjoyed by kids and adults alike. An audition is held in both August and September for those interested in participating, and is open to dancers ages 5 1/2 through Adult. Rehearsals are typically held on Saturdays beginning mid-September and the show is held at the Bremerton Community Theater in mid-December every year.

The Experience
Lights, rehearsals, costumes, professional dancers! The experience the dancers receive from participating in our production is immeasurable and not something to be taken lightly. As our mission to provide the highest quality and most rewarding experiences our dancers can obtain, A Winter's Tale is just one of our productions that has been well received by cast, crew, and public.

Dancers audition several months before rehearsals begin and get to witness and live the audition experience in a positive and supportive environment. Seperated by ages, dancers are asked to learn combinations of various degrees and genres to be casted in specific roles. We encourage all dancers of various levels and backgrounds to audition!

The Story
It? Christmas eve and to one spoiled, ungrateful child named Eloisa, the true meaning of the season is lost. As she drifts to sleep after her families annual holiday party, Eloisa is visited by 3 ghosts. The first, The Ghost of Present Times, shows Eloisa how children can be giving and festive no matter what their circumstances. The second ghost, Ghost of Despair, shows her a haunting, possible future that awaits her. The third ghost, Ghost of Enlightenment, presents Eloisa with an uplifting, hopeful future that can potentially be hers, and she realizes she has a choice to make...

Ultimately Eloisa chooses the path of hope & goodness, and she is welcomed to the Land of Enlightenment. Here she meets the Partridge, who presents her with the 12 unique gifts of the land.

When Eloisa suddenly awakens, she wonders - was it all just a dream? And it? then she realizes that it? not too late to make a change. Eloisa has discovered the true magic of the season for herself.